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aokin Liquid Handling Workstation

Order No. LHW-103

available on request

Liquid Handling Workstation

The new aokin LHW03 Liquid Handling Workstation is a revolutionary, robust and easy-to-use pipetting and autosampling system. Designed for the modern industrial laboratory environment, the aokin LHW03 can automate the measurement of your samples. Furthermore, the user interface software is so intuitive, you can familiarize yourself with it in the morning and be up and running protocols that same afternoon.

The  aokin LHW03 meets or exceeds the most stringent demand for precise analytical results. A precision down to the ppb range is achieved and delivered with all currently available aokinmycontrol assays. Implementation of all aspects of QMS and International Standards are smoothly accommodated. aokin LHW03 retrofitting is available.