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aokinImmunoClean S - IAC spin columns –   A New Standard in IAC Chromatography


Finally, a column with both the precision
of immunoaffinity chromatography and
the ease of spin columns combined into

aokinImmunoClean S spin Columns provide the same reliability of the classic IAC column, but in an easy to
use spin column format. The column can
be eluted using either a simple table
top centrifuge or, if preferred, under
standard gravity or vacuum conditions. There is no need to change your extrac-
tion protocols - loading and washing volumes can be freely chosen. Elution volume is only 500 µl with recovery rates that are usually equal to or better than with standard cylindrical IAC columns. The lower elution volume provides higher concentration of analyte in the eluate and increases the sensitivity of your analytical method. 

aokin provides IAC columns for the most common mycotoxins as cylindrical columns in three different sizes (Classic, Classic+ and Classic Fine) as well as spin columns (Standard and M(ini)). We develop and produce also IAC columns specifically for your analytes. 

IAC spin columns – A New Spin on the Classic Standard

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