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Simply universal

aokin instruments and software solutions have been optimized
for aokinmycontrol kits, but have all options required for your
own custom development of assays. They are used in scientific
research for applications ranging from time dependent
measurements of fluorescenece intensity, polarization and
anisotropy to direct and indirect immuno- and bindingassays,
activity assays for enzymatic degradation, antibody binding
studies and others. 

aokinspectrometer is a compact instrument distinguished by 
its ease of use and multifunctional applications. It is suitable
for routine analysis in the food industry as well as for assay
development and laboratory analysis.

The aokinmycontrol software can be used together with all
aokinmycontrol assays as well as with custom developed assays.
The control software includes modules designed for carrying out
measurements, automatic evaluation of measuring data, calibrating
and a specific module designed for research purposes and assay